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This is insane. That photoset? From Inner Beauty? >< Crazy, I just got home from youth group where I told my youth pastor and a few very close friends what I struggle with on a daily basis. Miranda and I sounded almost identical tonight.

That takes so much strength. I’m really, really proud of you for opening up to people. I hope things get better for you!

You’re beautiful. xo

After watching the Lizzie McGuire episode, Inner Beauty.

(I was watching it for my Top 10 Episodes)

I am holding back tears after watching Miranda talk about her eating, or lack of eating. So I just wanna talk about it for a second.

When this episode first aired, I was quite young. So it wasn’t until now, watching it again a few years later, that I really could understand what happened to Miranda. And um, it kind of… struck something in me.

So I just want to say:

Please, if you struggle with your self-esteem, don’t ever turn to an eating disorder. Speaking as someone who has and still does deal with these issues, and as someone who knows how hard it is sometimes to look in the mirror and like what they see… I want you to know that there are much healthier, more effective ways to improve yourself, if you think you need improving.

But hear this.

You’re perfect. Right now. I know you are. I don’t care how cliche that is to say. There is no one in the world who has the right to tell you differently, not even yourself.

I didn’t want this to turn all preachy and rant-ey, but this is something that I think is extremely important for people to know.

If you have a friend who is dealing with a problem like this, please try to get them help. They really need it, and they want it more than you think. 


Top 10 Lizzie McGuire Episodes (in no particular order):

Inner Beauty.

"All of a sudden, everything just feels out of control. My homework’s piling up, my parents are talking to me about my future. Things that used to feel so easy just now seem so hard."

"Well call me blonde, but what does all that have to do with losing weight?"

"I guess eating’s the only thing I have any control over. Like all this other stuff just happens to me, but eating is something I have a say in."

grown up lizzie mcguire actors holding stuff

adam lamberg’s bolo tie appreciation day

Top 10 Lizzie McGuire Episodes (in no particular order):

One of the Guys.

"If we hold them, we win. And the team with the most points wins. AND WE’RE THAT TEAM!"

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